A Young People’s Agenda - March 19, 2007

With every passing year, the divide between the needs of young people and the policies of our government grow deeper.
Youth and students are organizing to increase money for education, for peace, for environmental justice, for a just
immigration policy, for quality health care and for worker’s rights. At the same time, our government has pursued policies
that have de-funded our schools, lead us to war, polluted our environment, scapegoated and attacked undocumented
workers, crippled our health care system, lowered wages and have made it extremely difficult for workers to join a union.

We believe, now more than ever, that it is time to demand the policies of our government change. By uniting under a
common agenda youth and students across the country can collaborate and effectively exercise our political power. In the
wake of the 2006 mid-term election, one in which young people came out in record numbers to demand change, we
believe we need to come together to build on this political momentum. The current moment is critical for active
engagement on the issues impacting the daily lives of young people. We, as young people, from a variety of organizations
and diversity of backgrounds, have come together to respond to these policies comprehensively and collectively, and
together we will not rest until our agenda is met.
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This coming March will mark the 5th anniversary the US led invasion of Iraq. This war has
brought untold suffering to the Iraqi people. Our leaders have not delivered on their promises
of safe and free Iraq. In the United States, we see veterans mistreated at government
hospitals, domestic social programs continually cut, and thousands of soldiers never returning
home. How long can we, as a movement, continue with an unchanged strategy? How long can
American continue business as usual while our state commits untold damage both at home
and abroad?

The National Youth and Student Peace Coalition (NYSPC) calls upon American young people
to participate in the first Iraq Moratorium this September 21st. The Iraq Moratorium, which will
be continued on the third Friday of every month afterwards, will be a series of escalating
actions. The movement must take a growing stand until the war is over, our troops are home,
the Iraqi people are truly free to govern themselves. As young people, we must utilize our
connections on our campuses and in our communities to raise awareness of the Iraq
Moratorium. NYSPC is calling on students to wear their resistance to the war and pass out our
"Books Not Bombs" buttons in your schools, workplaces, and communities. Seeing hundreds
and thousands of young people wearing our opposition to the war will send a powerful
message about how young people feel.
See what other schools have done and send the
name of your school or city and pictures of you and your friends wearing the buttons
here and we will post them up to show the overwhelming anti-war sentiment of
young people across the country. The youth of Iraq and the USA will bear most of
the long term consequences of the war. We have a duty to stop this war. NOW!
Start: Friday, Sept. 21st!
Continues: Every 3rd Friday!

Youth and students took to the ballot box in 2006 to demand a change. Two of the top issues on the
minds of young people were the war and funding for education. Yet Bush and his war supporters continue
to ignore the voices of young people and the 70% of the US population that is against this war. They
continue to spend billions of dollars on the war in Iraq that could be spent on funding education and
rebuilding our cities from New Orleans to Minneapolis.

On October 27th, 2007 people will be gathering in 11 cities to raise our voices together and demand an
end to the war. United for Peace and Justice (UfPJ) is calling for people to gather in New York City,
Boston, Seattle, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Salt Lake City, New Orleans,
Orlando and Jonesborough, TN!

The National Youth and Student Peace Coalition (NYSPC) will be organizing youth and students to join
with others to demand "Books Not Bombs."

We invite you to join us at the marches. We need to have the largest and broadest youth and student
presence to make our voices heard and to demand an end the war and funding for education, health care
and jobs for youth!

To get more info on NYSPC meet-up points and activities on October 27th as well as how to
organize youth and students in your area, email us!  Also check out the October 27th website!
On October 27th, 2007 people will
gather in New York City, Boston,
Seattle, Chicago, Los Angeles, San
Francisco, Philadelphia, Salt Lake City,
New Orleans, Orlando and
Jonesborough, TN to demand an end
to the Occupation of Iraq! Join us!
Take action for peace and justice this fall!
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